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A funny thing happened in Washington, yesterday. Seperated by just a few miles, but with almost no daylight between the ultimate conslusions of their different philosophies, Dick and Barack delivered dueling speeches in Washington, yesterday. Dick, doing only as Dick can, was nothing short of Batman's Penguin. In something that can't be described as anything but a Coney Island Freak Show, the Village pointed and hooted derision as the haunting supervillian blatantly tore the Constitution a new one, something that he's infamous for. If they'd had tomatos, they'd have pelted the old codger.

Across town, another man was tearing the Constitution a new one. This man seemed to have spoken just as forcefully, but quieter and more thoughtfully, about his belief that there are asterisks on the Constitution. He violates the Constitution, but as the consummate deal-maker that he is, he does it softly and makes it feel as if it has some choice in the matter, when it really doesn't. His soul is willing, he tells it, but his flesh is so weak...

Cheney's not angry because he thinks Obama is putting us at risk; he's angry because he's jealous that if Obama keeps up what he's been doing, he'll bring us to where Cheney only ever dreamed of bringing us to.

If Obama is a professor of constitutional law, then I'm the King of England, and quite frankly, we are not amused with this nutty professor.