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I wish Fafblog would come alive again

Cryptic note saying, "Out Occupyin'." Then radio silence. That was a great blog.


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I liked to say each day as I sat down to read stuff on the internet, "Give us this day our daily snark." Then I would read Fafblog. I decided to take the handle, gizzardboy, in honor of Giblets on Fafblog. Jesus's General was another source of snark I miss. He was having some medical problems; I hope he got better. Then there was the Dependable Renegade who has fizzled. I guess that a high level of snarkiness must be hard to maintain. I still read Badtux the Snarky Penguin, but while he has a lot to say and some interesting music, he is kind of light on snark. Any suggestions for new doses of snark?

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But frankly, it's a lot more work for a lot less result than it used to be.

And I'm not sure, strategically, how far it got us. Atrios seems to be the only one of that generation left standing....

AFAIK, The General's problems are permanent, though I occasionally see him on the twitter.