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I voted, and here's the race I'm watching

I voted against every establishment Democrat figure, for a few individuals known to me personally I trusted, regardless of party, and for independents where found. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

So, I'm watching the Maine returns, and also watching Howie Hawkins in New York. If he exceeded expectations and gets over 10%, that will be a real turd in Cuomo's punchbowl.

The coveted Jeremy Scahill endorsement!


NOTE Politico on the NY governor's race; Hawkins at 4.7%, most of upstate not counted, not the Hudson River Valley.

UPDATE 10:57PM Republicans now one seat away from winning the Senate. The Times dashboard is nicer than Politicos. Also, the awful Pat Roberts is beating the vile Greg Orman soundly, with over half the vote counted. Orman hasn't won a county.

UPDATE Of course, I'm watching my own state; LePage is up, but the Bangor Daily News says it's too close to call.

UPDATE Republicans win the six seats they need to take the Senate as Kay Hagen goes down to defeat in NC.

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As votes pour in and LePage is the likely winner, it’s perhaps surprising that the Michaud campaign and outside groups supporting the Democrat spent about $10.1 million in the election, compared with $5.7 million spent by the LePage campaign and groups supporting him.

Now, in Maine as in nationally, will we see an outright total assault to cripple the guy, just as the Rs did so successfully? Not a chance.

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Well, five out of 100 voters in NY state at least know what time it is. What the hell is it going to take to increase that ratio? Torture, international war criminality, a shoot to kill police state, no due process, casino capitalism. How bad does it have to get for the 99% oppressed to actually collectively wake up and do something proactive????? The Dem party got the kick in the ass it deserved but so-called progressives voters won't endorse or support a decent, constitution and environment protecting viable alternative which defies campaign finance corruption and domestic and international war and financial criminality? Our national anthem should be the sounds of cognitive dissonance in the background of blaring tv 24/7 pundit bloviation!!!

best, libby

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...for the 99% oppressed to actually collectively wake up and do something proactive?????

Surely you jest, yes?
Please look below at my signatures, specifically the one by Frederick Douglass.
That's your answer. Basically never.
You have to understand everybody born after 9/11 thinks this is normal. Think about that.
Even the people born 5 or so years before are acclimated to this normal.
Fish don't know they swim in water.

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There's no more slavery. And I don't believe that Douglass would have accepted your counsel of despair. I've always liked this quote from William Lloyd Garrison:

I am in earnest. I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard.

Worked, ultimately. Change is impossible until it isn't.

* * *

Libby, I think one answer to your question is "the next crash." People need to be directly touched by disaster, I think. The powers that be staved off the last one. But nothing has changed, and the business cycle, and karma, are still real. They'll get theirs.