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I think we have a sure-fire political winner!

Stump Lane:

I’ll say it again right here: What is on the table is not ‘comprehensive health care reform.’ It’s mandatory health insurance. That fucking guy wants to force you to buy health insurance, from companies whose profit motive is to decline, as often as possible, to pay for what you’re paying them for!

Yes. And?

What's the point of this post? I don't get it.

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i have a point... it's on top of my head.

thanks for linking to Stump Lane.

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Cryptic irony.

If I unpacked "And?" it would be along the lines of "That's the feature, yes. What's the bug?" I mean, this is how the insurance company bailout works, for pity's sake! Haw.

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i hear ya.

i'm just a guy shining my flashlight around in the cave. (or something.)