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I think the SS Clinton has found her iceberg

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In Iowa, Hillary vows to fight 'drug epidemic'

Hillary Clinton on Monday pledged to take on the “drug epidemic” as she made another visit to the early voting state of Iowa

Clinton said she had not expected to focus on drug abuse or mental health in her White House run, but had heard from voters that those issues were too pressing to ignore.

“When I started running, when I started thinking about this campaign, I did not believe I would be standing in your living room talking about the drug abuse problem, the mental health problem, and the suicide problem,” Clinton said at the home of two of the first gay men to get married in the state.

“But I’m now convinced I have to talk about it. I have to do everything I can in this campaign to raise it, to end the stigma against talking about it."

I have never been to Iowa, but I cannot believe that upping the drug war is going to resonate.

Suicide has more to do with unemployment and debt than drugs.

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Did she say how she planned to take on the drug epidemic? Because if she is focusing more on those things as health issues (as opposed to criminal justice issues), then that might even be a positive thing. Or did she indicate that she wanted to actually up the drug war? Because I think there might actually be a lot of longing to address drug addiction and mental health issues outside a criminal justice context and that's something that, in theory, she could talk about without directly taking on neoliberalism or corporatism (of course, poor mental health goes hand-in-hand with inequality and other economic challenges, but that wouldn't necessarily keep a politician from trying to separate them out).

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From the looks of things, she means treatment. But the only way you could do anything substansive is a generous mental health benefit, and single payer is the only practical way of doing that.

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Do you mean because single payer (or NHS) is the only way to do anything, or did you have something more specific in mind regarding mental health treatment?

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I think 2016 is going to be a very interesting year.

(Very good point on suicide; unemployment is a very obvious cause.)

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I don't know if this is an iceberg per se:

1) Seems tone-deaf in Iowa, but is it?

2) Seems like there's no real way to deliver a decent program given current system, but when has that ever stopped anybody?

3) But... What about marijuana? The drug war is a third rail; does she plan to touch it?

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Listening to the ads on TV, there are A LOT of medications that trigger suicidal thoughts. In talking to actual people, maybe she is actually surprised at the end result (suicide)

The bit you quoted doesn't sound like standard war on drug talk. It will be interesting to see how she develops the thought. And how she'll propose fixing it.

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Submitted by Jay on

ANYTHING! I'll talk about ANYTHING except what would turn off my tapeworm billionaire donors!

Off limits:
Social Security
Single Payer
Trade Agreements
Foreign, Domestic, or Environmental policy affecting the energy industry
Don't even think about the giant F-35 called Pentagon spending!
And No repeat absolutely No talking about the financial sector, especially in the context of DOJ.

Next stop: Animal Shelters! And maybe naming some post offices after long-dead civil rights leaders. As long as it doesn't lead to, you know, civil rights or something.

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I forgot I put that tapeworm metaphor in play; I'll have to revive it....