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I think that they are going to regret this

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Snobby Illiterati to Protest Wall St. 'Hippies' With Champagne Toast?

Much depends upon how the demonstrators handle this, but this strikes me as actionable.

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-- applauded the "Billionaires for Forbes" bit, and supported the "Billionaires for Bush or Gore" in 2000. "Billionaires for Bush" was an unfortunate degradation -- with the inevitable partisan-D support, much of the fundamental message was obscured.

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Below the Gawker article is a comment thread that is/was dominated by a user called NewYawkNative. She purports - and if she's lying, she's really good at it - to be a part of the .1% with the ability to live off of just the interest of her trust for the rest of her life if she so chose.

The disregard bordering on bile she has for the "champagne toast" crowd, Fox, the GOP and Tea Partiers is hilarious. And in true, truly rich fashion, she's also angry at them for calling stuff that isn't actually champagne, champagne.

As a dirt digger from a broken line of vintners going back who knows how many centuries, i'm with her on that issue wholeheartedly ... and i'm not even a wine snob.

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with the other commenters and takedown of the condescending snob issuing the "invitation." Which sounds like he may be trying to initiate dumping golden liquids on what he views as DFH's.

Have the video cams at the ready, protesters!

NYN has much better spelling and grammar than the Facebook "Wall Streeter."

But, this being the internet who knows whether she's a Tippy Topper from the >.1% or not. She/he tells good tales.