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I talk avidly with the Obama campaign office.

Thought that title might get your attention. ha.

Next Monday the Delaware River Basin Commission will vote on whether to allow fracking in that area. The commission is state and federal. The 5 voting members of the commission are the governors of the states involved and a representative sent by the President. This is a crucial vote.

"The Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Delaware’s 13,539 square mile watershed is only about four-tenths of one percent of the continental U.S. land area, but it supplies water to five percent of the nation’s population — over 15 million people." (from Help Save the Delaware River)

The governors from PA and NJ will vote for fracking; DE Governor has been on the fence and NY will vote against fracking. The deciding vote could be the one cast by the representative of the President. The person he has chosen is the Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers. Pressure has been put on him, and on the DE governor. Our group was having people make calls to Obama's campaign office, to urge him to vote No.

When I called there, the guy I spoke with told me that the President had nothing to do with the vote!! He told me it was just the 4 governors voting. He also said that the Obama team were all against fracking, but could not do anything and I should blame the Republicans. I did get his name, so I called him back with the correct information. We were arguing. He got angry and said I must be a Republican. That was silly because the Republicans are for fracking. I called a third time and spoke with a young woman. I calmed down because she was actually listening. I gave her the facts because she actually knew nothing about this commission and thought I was talking about the tar sands.

My impression is that Obama is trying to stay under the radar on this one and hopes that people will not realize that he holds a crucial vote on the matter, which happens to be a huge matter. It will affect the drinking water, among other things, of over 15 million people! Will he blame the Republicans?

They made sure that they got my name and phone number. If they check it out, they will find that I am a frequent voter and registered Democrat.

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I grew up in that basin. It's hard to imagine what will happen if the water supply gets tainted. The area has lots of limestone and other porous rocks. Not a great place for toxins to get loose.

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Call again today just because it's a National Day of Protest.

Or make a sign and stand on the corner for a while. It will make a statement!

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and emails to VP Biden, who is from DE, Beau Biden, AG of DE, Pres. Obama, The Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Governor of DE.

Among other things, we are letting them know that they will NOT be going under the radar.

The DRBC has received 69,800 written comments from individuals, overwhelmingly against fracking.

In addition, the New York AG has filed suit against the commission for failing in its obligation to complete a cumulative impact study of hydrofracking on the river basin. This is required of the commission by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This means that the DRBC would be violating the law in allowing gas drilling to go forward.

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I have a hard time with these staffers that are on their way to the top of the dung heap. Just because they are somewhat ignorant at first at the evil they are involved with does not give them a pass.

The gas companies are drilling test wells here where "The River Runs Thru It". I would imagine all our 1% summer visitors will just leave and go to one of their other homes.

I love Naomi Klein, but her latest piece in the nation emphasizes climate change. We should attack this from where Fran is attacking; from fracking. Even many conservatives must feel a certain sense of dread in blasting down into the center of the earth whether it is natural gas or oil under the Gulf. Puncturing holes into Mother Earth is making her angry not submissive.

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if Obama knows he cannot fly under radar, it is remotely possible that he will do the right thing.

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The Delaware River Basin Commission has cancelled the vote next Monday.

"Trenton, NJ: The November 21, 2011 vote to be held at the Trenton War Memorial by the Delaware River Basin Commission has been cancelled according to sources. The vote was to seek approval of regulations that would have allowed shale gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin by the beginning of 2012. The last minute cancellation is the second time this vote has been put off. And this time is believed
to be in response to an announcement by the Governor of Delaware that he would vote against the regulatory/drilling proposal." (from

I am still trying to understand. This would have left Obama's vote as the deciding vote. I am thinking that maybe he did not want to be put in that position.

"The huge coalition we put together, including labor, students, community groups, businesses, environmentalists, scientists, physicians and public health advocates has put persistent pressure, in all the right places, with one great voice uniting against devastating our land, poisoning our water, and sickening our people for the sake of short-term profits." (from Protecting our Waters - the group I have been working with)

This is considered a huge victory, but I always remain a little dubious. However, I do think that the longer something like this can be postponed, the better the chances of making the case to an even broader 'audience'.