If you have "no place to go," come here!

I sure hope nobody bugs the Caribou Cafe opposite the White House

Because that's where staffers from the most open and transparent administration in history go when they want to meet with K Street lobbyists, and not have that show up in the White House logs.

Ha ha, I knew this was crap as soon as I saw it.

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So, anybody in DC want to go hang out at the Caribou Cafe and post their notes?

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UPDATE Here's the best OFB quote I could find at The Obama 527 Formerly Known As Daily Kos:

This has been one of the most transparent admins in recent history and if you really want to make it illegal to meet someone in a public place then you are a fascist.

As to your accusation that this is some concentrated effort to deal under the table that's just absurd.

To be fair, the mood there seems... Well, a bit chastened. I guess the atmosphere is better now that they chased off all the racists. And the women.

And here's the OFB argument that meeting at the Caribou Cafe is more transparent:

it's still in public, out in the open, and in a place where conversations and even body language can be watched, where they can be recorded on camera, etc.

This is MUCH more open than "closed door, behind the scenes" meetings.

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This is much more public then in the instance of a White House visit where they would actually be a PUBLIC record.