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I suppose the question of whether Obama is really a liberal can be considered settled, now?

Consumer Reports, of all places: 51 million, mostly lower-income, will do worse under new tax law

And the career "progessives" spent, like, two years debating The Obama Nature, providing the administration with invaluable, though not priceless, cover on the left. Well done.

NOTE The reason we get conservative policy outcomes from Obama? All together now: Because Obama's a conservative!

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Submitted by ralphb on

Has there been any serious doubt about Obama being a conservative for a long while now? Who watched his campaign closely and didn't see some of this coming? The self delusional, that's who.

Submitted by Hugh on

Just as it is important to call out Obama's conservatism. It is equally important to call out the enabling cover that so many on the left have given him. We shake our heads at the nitwits on the right who are enticed into voting against their interests again and again. Well, guess what....

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Submitted by john.halle on

I actually prefer the term "reactionary" but I'll defer to your expertise on such matters.

Submitted by lambert on

And both are true. Tactically, I think it makes sense to force Obama into the "enemy camp," the "conservative faction."

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Submitted by RedQueen on

And this year's tax refund will be missing not just the $400 Make Work Pay tax credit, but because I am technically self employed I am paying all 15.2% of social security taxes myself.

I imagine that with so many millions of disemployed making do selling whatever they can, I'm not the only one getting dinged with the entire social security tax. Just in time for the catfood commission to kill it.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

maybe one of your greatest contributions to explaining our situation. Actually it has been going on a long time, in the black community, Indian reservations, etc. Only now do I see it for what it is, disemployment.

Submitted by lambert on

... which it is, not only in FDR's time, but today, and that it has a proven track record of success, then you see that DISemployment is the policy options that our elites prefer. And in good bipartisan fashion, too. The sooner the Ds implode and get out of the way, the better.

It really couldn't be more clear.

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Submitted by jeer9 on

Not that I don't know I'm preaching to the choir, but what does it say about the Dems as a party that they're quite content with a conservative leading them? 81 - 19 on that Senate vote for the tax giveaway. I don't think McCain could have gotten that sort of unanimity.

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Submitted by cellocat on

that they're getting what they've always wanted.