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I stand with Dr McCanne

None of this wimpy I stand with Dr Dean weak tea for me.

Don McCanne:

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of listening to those who say that PNHP needs to get on board and support the public option, which is really saying that we need to support an individual mandate to purchase unaffordable plans. Those of you who were duped into supporting this model that can’t possibly work need to abandon that ship and get on board with us and our colleagues who will accept nothing less than health care justice for all.

Health care justice for all? Isn't that some kind of commie pinko socialism?!

Hmmm, now that you mention it:

... somethingsomethingsomething ... with liberty and justice for all.


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is at it again. Apologies if someone already posted re this article and I missed it. It's been one of those weeks.