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I shared my health care story today!

At least I hope I did -- the site is awfully slow. Here is what I wrote; if not a story, it's at least an implicit narrative:

Only single payer, before the Congress now as HR676, can achieve the listed goals. There's just no reason to keep the health insurance companies in business, when single payer has administrative costs of 3%, and private insurance CEO salaries, profits, and administrative process to deny care come to 30%. Obviously, this outweighs any savings from electronic medical records -- which are compatible with single payer in any case, and probably more easily implemented.

Go thou and do likewise.

I will be personally reviewing many of these signatures and stories. If you speak up now, your voice will make a difference.

Well, unless it's censored, of course. There's that.

NOTE Interesting the site is, the organization is Oorganizing for America, but the mail itself comes from "President Barack Obama" . A four-four? Confusing!

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Submitted by hipparchia on

after the election they renamed themselves organizing for america, the idea was to capitalize on the energy of those who volunteered for the campaign, so, taking aleaf from the community organizing book, they are working to turn it into a quasi-community-organization.

unfortunately, they've somewhat subverted the original ideas behind alinsky-type organizing. the organization is supposed to be bottom-up and this one, in spite of their efforts to make it seem to the contray, is rather top down. on top of that, community organization is expressly not about organizing to do service work [feeding the homeless, etc] but that's being pushed hard -- something to keep the faithful engaged and organized.

ofa denied it at the time, but i'm convinced it's really so that they can be called on to help implement obama's agenda when needed, and kep busy with good works [rather than allowing them to try to wrest power from the big guys for the little guys [which is what alinsky meant for community organizing to be for]. from the link:

In late January, some Democrats on Capitol Hill grew concerned that President Obama was planning to use his powerful new political organization – Organizing for America – to pressure even friendly lawmakers into falling in line behind his agenda.

But David Plouffe, a top Obama adviser (the former campaign manager) overseeing the start of the new effort, went out of his way to say that this was not going to be the case. “This is not a political campaign,” Mr. Plouffe said in an article for The New York Times in January about the new organization. ”This is not a ‘call or e-mail your member of Congress’ organization,” Mr. Plouffe added.

Well, in one of its early emails, sent out today, Organizing for America is directly asking its supporters to call upon their congressional representatives to support Mr. Obama’s budget priorities.

i went to one of their early meetings, and compared notes with my dad [a long-time political organizer] afterwards. i'm ticked that ofa is subverting the community organizing process, and my dad is ticked because, much as he likes obama, ofa [in dad's opinion] is about building an obama fan base, instead of being about building the democratic party.

so yeah, anything you can do to make even a tiny sliver of the ofa-verse into a grassroots effort, i'm all for it. even if we all get censored, it's still an example of method 193 [and maybe some others, i ddin't reread the list closely] if we all send in our stories demanding hr 676, or medicare for all, or single payer [or all of the above].

ps. if you should run across an organization, doctors for america, they were originally doctors for obama back during the campaign and have basically reorganized themselves to be for whatever obama's [or max baucus' apparently] health plan turns out to be.

Submitted by hipparchia on

seem to have trouble distinguishing between health insurance and health care.

i guess i can't blame them too much. there was once a time in this country when the two concepts really were nearly synonymous, and for a few lucky folks they still are, though that number is growing smaller by the day.

yeah, the "... for america" gives me the same warm fuzzies that "homeland security" does.