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I remember when "tween" wasn't even a word

That was before some vicious marketing weasel invented it:

Materialism is huge with the tween set and is mounting. Marketers are tailoring the tween-aged kid. This is also a time when tweens are forming identities and are most impressionable. Tween-aged kids are most likely to believe that their clothes and brands describe who they are and define their peer status and it also impacts their professional goals (75 percent of 8 to 12 year-olds desire to be rich). More US kids than anywhere in the world believe that their clothes and brands describe who they are and define their social status. Preteens with lower self-esteem value possessions significantly more than children with higher self-esteem.

I wonder what kind of Presidential candidate they'll vote for, in what? Eight years?


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Submitted by Stephanie on

...has been around for quite a while. I have a 30 yr old son, and I remember back when he was somewhere between 10 and 12, one of the parents of his classmates talking about tweens. Marybe regarding their special needs (LOL) or something.

The marekteers have been marketing all our children for-effin-ever. Starting with the sugary cereals at 5-year-old eye level in the grocery store.

Anyhow, not a complaint about your post, if I'm sounding like that. When I saw the link -- galtimes -- I originally misread it as galttimes, as in galt.....

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I was commonly called a tween, back in the early 90's, so twenty years ago. And it was always used by my mother, because I was "tween" being a teenager and a kid.

Also, I could have cared less about all those things listed in the article above. Now, I do believe kids are more interested and invested in those things, than they were twenty years ago, and that is because of the relentless marketing.

But I don't think that the adoption of the word "tween" is a direct relation to that.