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I Love The Country, but not the Party

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I'm headed back to Hong Kong next week. I just missed Sarah Palin's foreign policy debut, but I'll be getting back in time to catch the "celebrations" for the 60th anniversary of the Chinese revolution. HK should be low key, but in China they are literally moving heaven and earth to make everything perfect.
A friend sent me this music video from a local Hong Kong band called "My Little Airport." They've written a pretty cool birthday song for China:

Actually, since the October 1st holiday happens to coincide with the traditional Mid-autumn festival, I'm pretty sure that folks in HK will be more interested in eating Mooncakes than cheering Chairman Mao. I know I will be.

I've had a wonderful summer in the U.S. but I think I'm ready to turn into an expat again. I love the country, but the Party drives me crazy with anger and frustration. A little distance--oh, say, about 8,000 miles--really does help.

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Submitted by lambert on

Enjoy. And I hope you'll keep posting from HK. Where else are we going to hear about this? Incidentally, thinking back to the red vs. the yellow shirts, Thai translation is supported in chat, even though the chat documentation says it isn't. The current list. So, if you can ever get some Thai speakers next to the laptop, they can live blog next time ;-) In fact, now that I think about it, it's also possible to set up a chat page, so if you wanted to do real interviews in real time we could try for a two-way set up...

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Submitted by Jeff W on

Well, some people aren't so keen about them but I'm kinda partial to the winter melon mooncakes, actually.

Starbucks, of course, has gotten into the act (at least in Asia) with eight, um, non-traditional flavors: chocolate hazelnut, green tea red bean, coffee chocolate, cranberry kiwi fruit, coffee Baileys, coffee hazelnut, custard nuts and coffee grapefruit.

There's also a non-edible variety for techno-geeks.

Enjoy the holiday, MsExPat!

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Submitted by Jeff W on

want one of those, really?!?

How come we didn't think of that?

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Submitted by Jeff W on

Thanks for posting that one! I hadn't noticed it!

I might one to sink my $28 on the non-silicon (winter melon) variety, though. ;)

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