If you have "no place to go," come here!

I like to watch. TrackMeNot.

Grooving on the TrackMeNot output in the status bar:

beef Stroganoff fums mainframes

dikes gun test

tubes pipes tees

albert einstein surfs hole

echoes echos [Wow, is that Zen-like]

Stop it! Snap out of it! Back to work!

samizdat Knuth cascades

STD Microsoft [No editorializing please]

facist defenestrations hexadecimals shareware

frog brittlest evil tuned [like blowing frogs up?]

But it's like watching snow fall... Or the teevee with the sound off...

replies blat canonical clobbers

roached gaseous nerd [listening, Glenn?]

boxen creeps [Like Vaxen. But... boxen...]




Must... shut... down...

bauds swizzled

Yes... Swizzled... Swizzled... Swizzled...

NOTE From a concept by Tinfoil Hat Boy. Have your people call my people!

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