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I like tbogg, BUT

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Except, that's bullshit. But I'm REALLY over bogg's "I like Greenwald, BUT" blogs.

Bogg doesn't like Greenzilla or Gosztola. He's lying. He lacks integrity.
Tho, he's never claimed integrity. I guess there's some sort of pseudo-merit in that? Maybe?

But really, drop the act of "I like him BUT". Unless that's the whole point? If you want to be a cheerleader for the torture of Manning, and a cheerleader for the surveillance state, and a cheerleader for the commodification of human suffering in general and the Wall Street takeover of the justice system, dude, wear those flags with pride.

But drop the "I like him, BUT" shit.

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

Well said!

If I had to guess, I'd say Tbogg wants to agree with the right-wing, but thinks they are a bunch of uncool stiffs. So he plants himself on the hip, with-it side and tries to insulate himself with caveats while advocating for fascist government.

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Here. It seems that TBogg's problem with Greenwald is that he doesn't bend the knee to some guy from Princeton. Weird.

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Submitted by Uncle Clarence ... on

No, no, and no. He's a Certified Bill Frist-trained Concerned Psychologist At A Distance. Also an Ardent Feminist Supporter who talks of little else besides Shakira's ass and Sarah Palin's boobs, as well as a World Class Sloppy Emo Projectionist and Hypocrite. And did I forget to mention that the word "Obamalingus" was coined in honor of his most pronounced predilection?

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Yeah, I noticed he was a nasty little sexist, too, a while back when he referred to Code Pink's antiwar efforts as "like screaming banshees."
Or (just googled it, thriving on accuracy and all:

"When Code Pink was against the war on terror, they made themselves the poster children for the anti-war movement making it easy to paint that movement as a bunch of dotty old ladies in hot pink t’s and marabou, eyes wide with lunacy and shrieking like banshees.

No, nothing sexist 'bout that!

I'm guessing Limbaugh is actually a Bogger wannabe and not the other way around?

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Spot on.

I won't even click on any Tbogg articles anymore 'cause I don't want to give him the page view numbers.