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I knew that ! And they're doing it again.

The headline reads: "Study: Pop music becoming louder and less original" ; I knew that ! In fact it is easily discernible for any fan of rock and roll. And that study also reflects an overall affectation of U.S. culture.
There really isn't much in the way of current lyricists that paint pictures like the older songwriters did. Or music that complements such lyrics.
"“We have been able to show how the global loudness level of music recordings has consistently increased over the years,” study author Joan Serra of the Spanish National Research Council said in an email exchange.

Similarly, the team found the diversity of chords and melodies has “consistently diminished in the last 50 years”.

And now they're doing it again.........providing the banksters an out in the name of the 'common good'.
You've got Senator Jeff Merkley putting forth a proposal to aid homeowners that are 'underwater' . BUT they must be 'current' on their mortgage payments. AND funding will come from the failed TARP program, another cover up of malfeasance by the Treasury in aiding homeowners. But Felix Salmon is in favor of it, even though he admits "On the other hand, there’s upside for the banks, too. For one thing, all their default risk — which is non-negligible, on underwater mortgages — goes away. And for another thing, they get paid off on second mortgages as well as firsts: the Merkley plan will refinance everything, up to 140% of the value of the home. And the opportunity to exit an underwater second mortgage at or near par is one that few investors would pass up.".

Notice how he swings from 'homeowners' to 'investors'.

Additionally, the program does nothing for those who aren't current on their payments, a number which stands at 5.6 million and growing.

And one knows that if Timmeh is seeing this in a positive light and wanting to assist Merkley, then you know it's a good deal for the banksters.

And it's just another head feint away from the travesty that bankruptcy provides in allowing judges to 'cramdown' second home mortgages but not principal residences.

Another aspect of how government protects the banksters at the expense of everyday people.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

becoming less original? You mean to tell me it was original in the first place? Hahahahaha!

Submitted by ubetchaiam on

not me BUT look at how old music from the Moody Blues and Pink Floyd is. They WERE original.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

and not you, but couldn't resist the sarcasm. ...

LOL! Just realized I do not define music like the Moody Blues or Pink Floyd or similar rock, rock-fusion, rock-folk music as "pop." Pop is the mindless, lyric-obvious musak crap that....well, that I don't listen to. Pop is anything vacuous and, well, popular.
Exact music genre definitions can be difficult.