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I just wish that, for once, Riverdaughter would say what she really feels

As it turns out, D donors think that forcing all the money through the Obama organization, which is what Obama's rump Ds did in 2008, won't work so well in 2012, so they're offering their laundering services for the re-elect. Haw:

[By 2012], we will want an uncouth, uncivil. hairy, unibrowed renegade from the left to push Obama out. A left wing version of Atilla the Hun will look like a viable alternative. The left doesn’t produce many of them from its Stevensonian branch, which is why Obama’s retainers should feel really nervous right about now.

It is too late to try to cheer Obama on for a second term. And anyone who attempts to do so should be gagged for being irresponsible and dishonest. He is what he is, which is what we told them he is. He is an opportunistic, Republican lite politician who does not have the experience or the temperament to operate the levers of government to get things done for the vast majority of Americans. We already know this in 2010 [heck, in 2008]. ...

We gave this guy the job and we have evaluated his performance and found him lacking. He is not entitled to a second term. He has to earn it. So far, he isn’t doing that. But the Democratic donors have decided to play it safe and re-elect him even though they don’t like him or his policies, forcing him back on the hapless voters in 2012. And we call Palin voters stupid? Hey, it’s their money. Just don’t ask me to throw my good, hard earned money down that drain too.

Well, sure.

But "unibrowed"?

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once again, triangulate the left. One need look no further than the last 24 hours... where both MoveOn and Credo have asked their minions to defend the heath insurance and parma looting bill against republican assault.

And now they want to embrace the very fundraising measures, in secret, that they supposedly oppose when the GOP does it! All to protect a most conservative failed presidency? These people are not liberal.

With "friends" like this, who needs an enema? The D party, that's who.

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Don't worry, I'm sure free enemas are coming up soon courtesy of the TSA.

But, yes, they are not liberals. They are crony capitalists.