If you have "no place to go," come here!

I just know there's a metaphor in here somewhere!

Like Carnival of Shit:

The owner of the stricken Carnival Triumph cruise ship was hit by a lawsuit seeking class action status for stranding more than 3,000 passengers for five days on a ship without electricity or adequate sanitation.

Carnival Corp should be held liable for physical and emotional anguish inflicted on the passengers as well as punitive damages, according to the lawsuit by Matt and Melissa Crusan. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in U.S. federal court in Miami.

The Triumph was towed into Mobile, Alabama on Thursday, four days after a fire knocked out the ship's power while it was off the coast of Mexico.

The lawsuit alleged the world's largest cruise company failed to provide a seaworthy ship. In addition, "motivated solely by financial gain" Carnival negligently brought the Triumph to Mobile, where it would be repaired, rather than a closer Mexican port. That decision extended the trip by 350 miles, the plaintiffs said.

Passengers were exposed to disease as sewage and "human waste sloshed around the vessel as the vessel listed while drifting and/or while under tow," according to the lawsuit.

So where's the basis for the suit? Carnival is acting in the same way as every other corporation, and with exactly the same effects: Shit sloshing around everywhere.

Case dismissed!