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I hope this article is wrong: Atrios notes Obama asking Dems to drop family planning funds

Update 1/27, below--Boehner tells Repubs to just vote No.

--yeah, the family planning funding for poor people-- so he can get more Repub votes for stimulus/TARP/bailout/bad bank bill. And make Boehner stop whining and learn to love voting with Obama.

Because Boehner can never whine too much or bcz Repubs won or something...??? How you like them apples, libs?

WASHINGTON – House Democrats appear likely to jettison family planning funds for the low-income from an $825 billion economic stimulus bill, officials said late Monday, following an appeal from President Barack Obama at a time the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.

Several officials said a final decision was likely on Tuesday, coinciding with Obama's scheduled visit to the Capitol for separate meetings with House and Senate Republicans. (My emphasis)

Today on WNYC, Jeff Madrick, NYTimes financial writer, was on the Leonard Lopate Show, and said he feared the Repubs were going to roll Obama (ya think?), and we would not get the needed stimulus, that tax cuts will not do the job.

Madrick argues in his new book, The Case for Big Government, that in the current financial crisis, big government is the most effective way to regulate the economy. Audio at link, final segment.

It was depressing enough to hear several economists say today the Obama stimulus bill's tax cuts will not help, not do enough; now reading this tidbit about depriving poor people of family planning aid in order to suck up to Repubs is a real kicker.

Who did win this election anyway? Really? St. Ronnie's ghost, Zombie Ronnie? Remember when we asked for more and better Democrats? Still need 'em, especially in the executive branch--and as prez.

C'mon, Obama--spine time.

Yes, I am disappointed. And angry. Rove had the 50% plus one strategy: Know your objectives and work for them. Obama has, apparently, the 80 vote or more (Senate) strategy, meaning he has to curry favor with the Repubs. Sell out your party's principles to gain Repub votes for...what?

What if FDR had done things like that? No SocSec, no WPA, NO NEW DEAL!

Wish I hadn't read this before trying to get to sleep.

Update, 1/27: Boehner telling Repubs to vote against bill anyway, even with all the Repub pleasing tax cuts and changes. Atrios again, with suitable snark and langugage.

Time for some bets as to when Obama will get the message?

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Why would anyone want that?

It might involve, you know, thinking ahead.

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... if not the messenger.

What has to happen before someone says to these people "Why, exactly, should we listen to you? What have you gotten right?" You don't even have to prematurely play the trump card of raw power and victory. A simple "You're as dumb as fuck and we have the country today to prove it."

Anyway, I heard this story - that the Dems are going to cave on family planning funding - reported this morning on CNN. (And screamed and ranted out loud, of course. It was the first I heard of it.) I just now followed the linky goodness provided by lambert and it was quite a bit of travel, unraveling references like Russian dolls, and at the center, it's another phantom spun from cotton candy and the right-wing wurlitzer.

Rush says some stuff.

Boner says some stuff.

Drudge says some stuff. (Hat tip to Atrios: "Drudge rules their world.")

Then everyone has to report on it because, well, "people are talking".

How can one strut and fret about entitlements, and yet insist the poor keep poppin' em out, and prime for some pain?