If you have "no place to go," come here!

I heard Edwards on NPR today talking about health care...

And I have to say he sounded great.

One line I especially remember went something like this (he was speaking to a business audience in Cleveland, IIRC):

Universal health care is even good for millionaires. Because chances are, if you're a millionaire, you've got people working for you, and now they're covered. And your own health care is cheaper too [because of the efficiencies of the program].

He sounded great. I think Hillary's going to blow it a second time, too.

Her program is going to end up just like the voice mail hell system on both her campaign and her Senate office; way too complicated, acting like it's already a done deal; and no human on the other end. Sorry.

I guess, building on what Tom said over here, with Hillary I feel like universal health care is a programmatic sop to keep the Empire staggering forward; with Edwards, I feel it's like part of being a citizen with a stake in the country again.

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