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I hate Mondays like this

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Dallas takes a licking and Tech takes a pounding, and I have a whole week to contemplate the folly of being a football fan. Yeesh.

Upside? Um, Michael Crabtree is less a factor in the NFL this year than T.O. So there's that, for Texas Tech. Of course, Taylor Potts is no Graham Harrell, but we sort of knew that going in. I sure hope he turns out to be better than Sonny Cumbie, but based on the performances I've seen this year ... well, we can hope. Oh, and there are many good receivers in the TTU backfield again. How about that?

Speaking of upsides, and many good receivers ... well, there's that guy in New York who had a career night last night, the Giants' Manningham.

But none of the Dallas receivers dropped as many balls as the former star of the passing game last night. As a team, sure, they all had drops -- Jason Witten spectacularly didn't just let a missed pass go by, he spiked it into a Giant's hands off his own foot. That's the sort of thing that (please FSM, Ceiling Cat and all the gods) only happens once in a lifetime.

And Tony Romo, in a pinch, can still run the ball --

but whoever decided last night that he needed to make throws on every down in the 4th quarter ...

and since Tony Romo, Orlando Scandrick and Wade Phillips are all trying to take the blame for losing the first real game in the new house today, I figure that O-scheme had to be Jason Garrett at his pass-happy, ignore-the-working-run best ... messed up at least as much as the guys publicly admitting they messed up.

Well, trust me. Something that goes as badly as that game last night went, isn't just one guy's work. It's a committee effort.

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That's my new nickname for him.

As much as I love seeing the Cowboys lose, I did have Roy Williams on my fantasy team.