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Operative Kristol on Shooter wanting nobody to check what's in his "man-size" safe:

KRISTOL: There’s no law.

WILLIAMS: Yes, there’s an executive order —

KRISTOL: The president understands to have exempted his own office and the vice president’s office.

Now this is too much Nice Polite Republican Juan Williams, and even too much for FUX's Brit Hume, who happily for us proceed to beat Kristol round the head and shoulders. Laws are supposed to be written down, they say, pitifully demonstrating their pre-9/11 thinking:

WILLIAMS: The president has not written anything about this, as Brit has said. He didn’t amend the law.

But, of course, Kristol, in his own warped universe, is perfectly right:

Because, under theory of the unilateral executive, Bush gets not only to execute the law, but also to write and interpret the law, through signing statements.

And here we're not even talking about interpreting those pesky laws; we're talking about interpreting an executive order. And who could be better equipped to interpret his own order than the executive?

And who is better equipped to interpret the intent of an Executive Order than the Executive who wrote it?

In fact, why go to the trouble of writing anything down? Bush can simply consult his memory for his intentions at any given time, and "consensus decision making" can go forward on that basis.

Who needs laws?

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