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I F*CKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[remarked gently by a two-time "Verbal" GRE score maxxer, upon reading above in excellent piece in The Awl]

Note also SLICC aspect,

Pearson and the rest of the “educational” conglomerates have discovered the vast profit to be mined from ignorance: Selling tests untethered from meaning, denying anyone the right to scrutinize them, then selling other shoddy products that promise to undo the damage they’ve inflicted. It’s as if the automobile industry had hit upon the idea of making seat belts out of duct tape, forbid anyone to inspect or talk about accident scenes, and then offered to sell us all cheap Styrofoam crash helmets.

Perhaps this was inevitable. The reservoir of public funding we all pay into, supposedly for the common good, is an obvious resource for corporations to exploit. Taking advantage of it has helped Pearson generate solid profit for its shareholders—thirty-four pence per share for the year ending May 1st.8 Never mind that it has made our educational system more broken and our kids dumber.

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