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I don't know what Ted Bundy's views on the Second Amendment were, but Cliven Bundy's are wrong

Paul Rosenberg makes a good point in Salon:

If we can summarize what’s happened since the spotlight moved on, we see the ongoing spread of lies and violence on the one hand — which is completely unsurprising. The almost-shooting war that Bundy supporters got themselves into is precisely the reason that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean what they think it means: As John Locke’s social contract theory explained, civil society was created because individual force cannot guarantee peace and security — even among the supposedly like-minded.

Hence, the turning of violence against one another was just as predictable as its threatened spread to Utah as well.

On the other hand, we see a deliberately restrained, but methodical law enforcement process underway. Let’s hope it stays that way, because nothing damages the law as badly as those who abuse its authority, or use it recklessly. But let’s also hope they don’t take too long in beginning to bring folks to justice. Hatred, lies and violence already have too big a head start. We don’t need to let them get any further ahead.

Not that the Obama administration hasn't already totally trashed the rule of law.

NOTE It's interesting the issue turns on land management. Why do I think Bundy and his friends don't see the land as a Common Pool Resource? I doubt very much they're defending their range -- q.v. the ATV assholes apparently demonstrating their solidarity with Bundy by driving their vehicles over a National Park -- but rather defending their private property.

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