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I didn't know I knew so many kinds of "I don't care."

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So we're polling MoveOn members: If Democrats do not pass comprehensive health care reform this year, will you volunteer for Democratic candidates in the 2010 elections? Just click the appropriate link below to let us know:

Definitely won't volunteer

Probably won't volunteer

Probably will volunteer

Definitely will volunteer
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Seems to be drawn from sports. Passive, yet vaguely menacing.

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... and the cupboard is bare.

I can't believe the question was worded like that, vastleft. No room for "if they do not pass a health care bill will you be relieved and keep working for single payer?"

AirAmerica ... I listened to Reagan, Ring of Fire, Rachel ... there were Obamadems that I tuned out. Were they losing listenership for that reason? I will miss plugging in for those three and will need to find alternative radio fast.

Have to scope out the demise of AirAmerica.

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dennis kucinich or eric massa or any other democrat who [1] truly supports single payer and [2] votes no on health care deform [ie, anthony weiner still has a chance to redeem himself].