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Fafblog on who's thwarting Barack Obama.

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That is all.

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I need to remember to read fafblog. Every post a killer.

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That's why when the Left wanted to close Guantanamo and the Right wanted to double Guantanamo, Obama doubled Bagram instead.

this is my favorite line, in a sort of if i don't laugh i'll cry kind of way.

Submitted by lambert on

"God, please, I'm ready to come on up to the house. No, I don't know where it is. I hope my pony knows the way. "

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

This is exactly why the Sarah Palin boge[d]yman line doesn't appeal to me. Obama is doing so much of what McCain/Palin campaigned on. And while Sarah Palin may be religious, it was Obama who chose to campaign with that anti-gay singer and then have that other dude do his inaugural prayer (names intentionally left out, but ya'll know who's who). So on policy and religiosity, the fears I may have about Palin are the same fears I currently have with Democrats and Barack Obama. But despite the plethora of evidence linking Obama to Palinesque policies, the Palin bogeyman is bandied about like a beer bong at a frat party.