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I couldn't stand it, and lit the wood stove tonight

True, it's only 47°F (going down to 38°F) and if this were February I'd scream with joy at how warm it is, but it isn't February. And it's 10 degrees below average. And I think I permanently broke my body's sense of what warm and cold are by staying in Bangkok.

I hope this is just a blip. I'd like the winter not to be a disaster. Again.

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...I took my wife to Oregon for a month. It was march and we froze. The house was freezing most of the time (except when there was a fire in the fp).
Now after more than 11 years (no air-con) when it gets below 26°c I feel chilly, below 24°c I'm downright cold.
So, I can sympathize.
Wood heat (heated with it for many years) is the absolute best, IMO.