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I certainly hope that the FBI agents....

... who cheated on their exams aren't the same ones searching the homes and conficating the computers of peace activists.

Because that would just look bad.

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and seems to be from an anti-Obama reader. Or? Hard to tell.

Anti war activists are now being called terrorists? We all knew this was coming. McCarthy lives on in a new form, it seems. First, it was the White House web site that instructed visitors to “report fishy comments” that might express a point other than the approved and official propaganda of the state. Main stream media immediately stopped reporting about the wars when Obama came to office, and they have continued to emphasize what they thought the American public wants to hear, and deemphasized things like the widespread voter intimidation by the new Black Panthers, and Eric Holder’s secret, backchannel instructions to ignore people that have reported the incidents. What we have developing is a pattern of abuse by our government, and the poll numbers are beginning to show that Americans are not happy about it.


I don't recall the first bolded item -- anyone here know about that?