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I cannot bring myself to care

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I cannot bring myself to care
for promises that are not there.
I cannot bring myself to love,
to little blessings from above.

I cannot bring tie myself in rope,
and hang my future on some vague hope.
I cannot bring myself to cry,
I only want to say good bye.

Billary, Hilbama, Obinton, no,
there is not nothing there to know.
McRomney, Huckles, chuckles, for
I just want an end to this stupid war.

It's not for nothing, or anything,
that makes someone's hear melt and sing.
So all that's left to do is wait.
Watching how early it has gotten late.

I cannot bring myself to care,
for promises worth less than air.
Perhaps you will, but probably won't
Perhaps you love us, perhaps you don't.

The flower petals of real optimisty moments gone
some how a Congres has gone wrong.
Some how we are discussing who next to lose an arm
to keep the billionaires from every harm.

I count on prayer beads the simple sutras
that might give us an end to Reaganite mantras.
Taxes! Weapons! Come what may,
Just so long as no rich man must pay.

But somewhere, sometime we'll have our say,
when history calls forth a judgement day.

I know no one reads the words I write,
by blistering day
or steely night.

Your all to busy with your screams,
and chasing figments of media dreams.
The only thing wrong in your consumer world
is who gets to choose what words are hurled.

So perhaps I should stop and go,
to walk barefoot into fresh fallen snow,
Leave behind what tracks I print,
Cry for where this next decade will soon went.

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