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I believe 2008 is the beginning of a transformative period.

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However, unlike many of the populous blogs I don't think things will go quite as planned. While our country has been dominated by the extreme right, it does not necessarily follow that we will move hard left. The pendulum will swing more left but no more than the vast proportion of our country is comfortable with.

The movement left will undoubtedly move the Senate and the House into Democratic territory because that is our only current choice when we seek to oppose. This movement will begin to fracture in 2010 and 2012.

However this leftish movement may not change the party of the president, because what appears to be a movement left may be instead much bigger than changing from Republican to Democrat. I think this year will begin over time to give rise to two or more new parties devoted to changing our national political/military/corporate government.

Much of the left blogosphere has been heavily influenced by "Generations" and "The Fourth Turning". While Strauss and Howe wrote one seminal book ("Generations") with the premise that they were writing predictive history which could be tested by the passage of time and events, their premise has been changed into a kind of book of Revelations, by their believers and to a lesser degree by themselves. The emphasis has been placed in the intervening years upon the predictive and less upon the testable. Our younger citizens don't want to wait until the premise can be tested.

This transformative period is not generational in my opinion but is perhaps one of those "only once in a hundred years" kind of change.

The rise of the Clinton wing of the Democratic party is misperceived by both its supporters and detractors as representing specific classes or demographical units. I argue that instead Clinton has tapped into a huge and growing, if ill-defined, movement in opposition to both political parties, to global business, and to the business of war.

Obama is right to speak for change but the man has no clue as to the nature of the change the country seeks.

Clinton seeks to institute programs and be inclusive. This is intelligent when we don't yet know where we want to go; we just know we don't like what we have.

This may take ten or more years to come clear and since I'm a little old lady I won't be around to see it.

But what I do see is seventeen million Americans standing up and shouting "NO!".

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We are in the next stage of a process of societal change that began as a consequence of World War II. Everything since, from civil rights to the feminist movement to gay rights to the sexual revolution to the reactionary suppression has come from that upheaval and led us to where we are today.

We are at the edge of a great transformation in American society. The neotheocons have had their say, and they are exposed for what we all knew them to be; liars, theives and incompetents. Their day is done. Now is the opportunity to guide and advance progressive programs and liberal philosophy, if we but have the courage to stay in the fight.

Give or take one centerist politician or another, this election will be the tipping point. It scarcely matters who, although it seems a shame to let the forces of evil have any more turns. The challenge for the Democratic Party is whether or not they get with the program and adapt themselves to conform with the coming change; The Republican Party surely will not.

It is better, I think, for the change to flow through existing political structure; revolutions can be so messy. Regardless, the change is coming; exciting times, and interesting ones.

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Here is one old Democrat who gets it:
"imagine a major American political figure boldly calling on Europe to break with the United States, unilaterally lift the blockage on Gaza and negotiate directly with Hamas, the democratically-elected government of Palestine" and revealing the existence of Israel's nuclear weapons. Jimmy Carter