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I always thought H. R. Giger was uber-creepy, because he was, and couldn't bear to look at his work

Maybe the gamers who read Corrente will differ, not that he's creepy -- I certainly hope they feel he's creepy -- but whether they find his work bearable, and like to look at, or play in, his imaginary world. Anyhow, Alien creature designer Giger is dead, so let the retrospectives begin!

Statement from the Geiger family:

As much as Giger shunned the limelight, preferring his work to speak for him, he was greatly appreciative of every compliment he ever received and we know he would be amazed and humbled by the kindness that continues to be the subject of his eulogies. In a career with so many star-studded highlights, it is only natural that many have mentioned his world famous brainchild, ALIEN, since the news broke this morning. It was certainly a creation which Giger prized, much as he took great pride in his collaboration with myriads of music industry and film artists, since he began his glorious journey as a world class painter, sculptor and designer.

(Since Gieger was a creator of "surreal bio-mechanics," that gives "brainchild" a bit of a froissson, no?

* * *

Giger's rock and roll connections.

Giger and movie art.

Giger's home.

And a letter from James Cameron (with interesting subtexts on how Hollywood production works).

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In our world, it seems evident to me that Matt Taibbi's "vampire squid" echoes Giger's "facehugger" in Aliens. Apparently, the hideously suggestive "facehugger" has, er, propagated; see TV Tropes, Urban Dictionary, although not Know Your Meme.

The images of vampire squids aren't nearly as horrific as Giger's facehugger (or chestbuster). No surprise here, but I wonder if there's a flaw in Taibbi's metaphor: Vampire squids extract, but they don't reproduce, they don't have a life-cycle. The peculiar horror of Giger's alien is that it extracts and reproduces -- inside us.

Rather like capital, if you think about it. "Surreal biomechanics."

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