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Hysterical Democrats

I suppose whoever's running the DCCC knows what brings in the bucks, but.... wowsers.

Needless to say, I haven't given them a dime; that's why my initial contribution is still $5.00. If you contribute, they sense vulnerability, and move in by upping your minimum. All done by algo, of course. Just business.

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Wow. Big bad wolf is at the door. Got it.

What I don't got is why their begging has not one word about passing popular legislation. Stuff like expanding Medicare, start with 55+, switching the country off fossil fuels and away from nukes. All things with at least two thirds support in polls. Instead all they have to say is "send money." Like some teen on spring break.

Aren't they in Congress to express the will of the voters?

(I know. Very funny.)

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What a racket. Hucksterism at its' finest.

The American economy contracted last quarter, but they aren't yet done fleecing the rubes by any means necessary. What happens when they kill the host?