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Hummingbird brag

From the Barcalounger:

Bee balm (the red flowers) attracts pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds.

Last year I only had one hummingbird; this year, I have two, both green-bellied, shaped like little fighter planes, and about as aggressive.

NOTE Taken from my iPad, hence the quality. When there was a hummingbird in the vicinity, I just rested the iPad on my chest, framed the Bee Balm propertly, and pressed the silent digital trigger every time it seemed reasonable. This one was the best...

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Submitted by NWLuna on

They are surprisingly territorial.

And damn, I've stopped trying to grow bee balm (monarda) due to powdery mildew. Yours looks so bright and healthy!

Submitted by lambert on

More bees (many bumble- and some honey-), many butterflies (I have two kinds of milkweed, one intentional and one accidental), and of course the hummingbirds.

I didn't know that bee balm got mildew -- mine hasn't, but my squash always so and some now have. The remedy, which holds off the mildew at least, is to spray wlth milk...