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Humility is good for Obama and other living things

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The Obama fan who created Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle sez:

"But I actually think a little backlash is good for Obama," Mathew adds. "He's not going to win on personality alone. I think the more people shy away from the mania of it all, the more they'll realize that there's actual substance in him and what he's been saying."

Of course, being an any-Democrat-in-November voter who prefers Edwards, Hillary, I've been disingenuous when I've made that point over the last several months.

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"I think the more people shy away from the mania of it all, the more they’ll realize that there’s actual substance in him and what he’s been saying.”

Or, you know, maybe there isn't. I'm glad, though, that some people are thinking about getting off the magical bicycle and using their brains.

There is hope for this country. If we have Obama running as a candidate and not as a figment of someone's imagination, we have a fighting chance of winning.

How many VERY SERIOUS PEOPLE (tm) contacted this guy and told him he wasn't taking Obama's message seriously and that he better wake up or be 'dragged into the light'?

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I assume it will, but he's still fighting for some red/marginal red states, which'll tempt his handlers to point him right to get all those crossovers.

Right now, I'm not impressed. His record is negligible so I can't vote on that. What there is of it seems liberal, but it's hard to know. He sure isn't a leader. The ideas his campaign have come up with are really flawed. But then again, I don't think he really wants MY vote. And that's alright. I hope he sticks within a general Democratic platform though.

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It would be nice if he gave a shoutout to those of us who have been bickering with and about the GOP all these years.

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--it's only recently he's even making efforts to traditionally democratic issues (like bread-and-butter and pocketbook stuff, and domestic initiatives and how much we're hurting, etc). Of course, we have nowhere else to go, and he knows it.

What was up with this "holes in our soul" stuff he's going to heal, according to Michelle Obama? (it's Kristol tho, so i don't know if it's true-- )

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"[T]here’s actual substance in him." Would've fooled me. Took him more than three months to learn the main issues in the debates with Hillary. I believe Bush was faster.

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If this new Obama evolves into supporting, and actually vocally SUPPORTING, not criticizing, the Democratic platform, I'll gladly vote for him. He's not even my nonillianth choice, but I'd still vote for him.

Hopefully, that's how he'll evolve. I just don't trust that I can 'hope' he means the exact opposite of what he says, and he's only saying that to get suckers to vote for him in the primaries but will actually turn hard left after he gets elected.

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him if he's the nominee--for the Supreme Court alone (altho it might be too late even for that, i fear, and Congress will continue to be useless too)--i have no hope we'll ever see progress again on things other civilized countries do for their citizens--we've been going backwards for decades now, and we'd need either a collapse so we could get an FDR but that's not likely since no one like that ever runs or gets enough support--or a real player like LBJ falling into the job somehow to get stuff done.

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They had a thing on obamamania on nightline
and one convert actually SAID
(well something like when I find the actual wording I'll post it.

"we know he's fooling us but we it"

See, this is what you get when you apply the principles of facebook
to the presidency...


"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook

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----he was a major arm twister, but somehow those powerful old characters appeal to me. I once had a pol. science prof. who used to be head of the democratic party in Arizona (we are talking the early 60's here-yes, I feel old)and he told us a colorful story about LBJ. He said that when he and Kennedy were running in 60, the old southern democrats were not too happy about the young catholic from the northeast. LBJ came down south and met with them and told them that if they were not elected that he would still be majority leader of the senate and if they were, he would be vice-president. So, they had better get on board because they were screwed either way.

I really loved that class--and I think we could use some characters now.