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Huge victory for big government: Kids no longer poisoned by lead

Though you''d never know a strong state achieved this from the story. AP:

In a stunning improvement in children's health, far fewer kids have high lead levels than 20 years ago, new government research reports — a testament to aggressive efforts [by goverment] to get lead out of paint, water and soil.

Lead can interfere with the developing nervous system and cause permanent problems with learning, memory and behavior. Children in poor neighborhoods have generally been more at risk because they tend to live in older housing and in industrial areas.

Federal researchers found that just 1.4 percent of young children had elevated lead levels in their blood in 2004, the latest data available. That compares with almost 9 percent in 1988.

"It has been a remarkable decline," said study co-author Mary Jean Brown of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "It's a public health success story."

The 84 percent drop extends a trend that began in the 1970s when efforts [by goverment] began to remove lead from gasoline. The researchers credited continuing steps [by goverment] to reduce children's exposure to lead in old house paint, soil, water and other sources.

Now, if we could just prevent toxic assets from killing them.... Which they will surely do, because poverty is lethal.

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Seriously though, not only is this bad writing, it is seemingly deliberately uninformative writing. It's almost as if by clearly stating that it was government action and regulations that precipitated this drop, the writer thinks they may be 'taking a side' in some battle.

This is not new news: lowered blood level data has long been known as clearly related to the implimentation of the government mandated phase-out of especially leaded gasoline, but also leaded paint and emission controls to trap heavy metal put on coal plants.