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H.R. 676 Featured In February's Harper's Magazine

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A Rep. John Conyers press release:

H.R. 676 is featured in February Issue of Harper’s Magazine

For Immediate Release
Contact: Karen Morgan

Luke Mitchell of Harper’s Magazine Mentions H.R. 676 in February Issue

This month, Rep. Conyers’ universal healthcare bill, H.R. 676, was mentioned in the Harper’s Magazine. H.R. 676 is a bill that would cover all Americans with guaranteed, high quality healthcare. For almost a year now, Rep. Conyers has been meeting with doctors from many specialties, public health experts, labor advocates, consumer advocates, and universal healthcare organizers, to discuss methods of increasing support for single-payer in the upcoming discussion on healthcare reform.

These meetings are designed to let members of Congress know that single-payer organizers are unified behind H.R. 676 and would like for the bill to be part of the upcoming discussion on healthcare reform. The meetings have been open to the public; all members of Congress and their staffs have been invited.

At one meeting, Luke Mitchell of Harper’s Magazine was in attendance. In an article in this month’s issue, Mitchell describes what he saw. Mitchell mentions the open nature of the meetings and the skillful presentation of the single-payer advocates. The meeting Mitchell attended focused on the elimination of racial and economic disparities in health outcomes that exist under the current system. Such an elimination reduces the financial burden on consumers that current system exacerbates.

The following can be attributed to Rep. Conyers:

“It is very pleasing to see that single-payer healthcare was mentioned favorably in such a widely circulated publication. For years, many people have worked extremely hard to show the merits of this type of system. Now that we know that the discussion on healthcare reform is taking place in the very near future, this article furthers the case for single-payer will be taken seriously as a comprehensive method for financing healthcare. Because of its inherent cost-containing mechanisms, it is time others seriously consider bringing single-payer into the discussion on reform.”

Yay... A mention? Just an FYI heads up to enhance your Corrente healthy life... You all wanted to know why the legislation did not hit the floor yesterday as mis-reported at HuffPo? There is a press contact number up there to ask...

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