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Howie Hawkins in Ithaca

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UPDATE: Metroland endorses Howie Hawkins

NYS Governor's Race: Howie Hawkins' 'New Green Deal'

Hawkins begins his stump speech with statistics that show how Syracuse is suffering while Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in charge in Albany. The poverty rate in Syracuse is 38 percent. They are closing treatment centers, fire stations, and have let go a quarter of the teaching staff in the city schools. “Because this governor wants to give tax breaks to his campaign donors,” said the Green candidate for governor, “and makes us pay for it with service cuts and tax hikes.” Hawkins noted that 331 people gave the Cuomo campaign over $40,000 each, which accounted for $22 million of his $45 million war chest. Cuomo’s average donation is $70,723; the average donation to Hawkins campaign is $77 and the median is $30.

Wow, that is an appalling record for Cuomo.

I will be interested to see how down ballot Green Party candidates do in NY, especially in the Finger Lakes region as well as the Hudson River Valley.

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