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How we know Chuck Schumer fears the Green Party

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Via Atrios:

Chuck Schumer, calling for "top two" primaries

This is EXCELLENT news, it means that Howie Hawkins is rising enough in the polls to be a threat.

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Surely this can't apply to this year's election? I know that the Democrats, and especially New York Democrats, have a long history of gaming ballot access, but wouldn't applying this rule to an election that's already in progress be a little excessive?

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I don't see how they can change the rules for this year, but it means that they are worried. They would never be doing this if Howie Hawkins was polling under 10%.

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Submitted by mellon on

of the Union Address, remember? Obama's coded message to the wealthy that Obama care wouldnt be affordable. Ever.

Wasn't Schumer the one who insisted Obamacare be "revenue neutral" which of course everybody knew even back then would be impossible. Because complexitywaste. But, thanks to GATS we're stuck with it. Shhhh!

Why would any kind of nice person try to pretend that sick people and insurance of last resort could be profitable?

Also, competition in for profit healthcare INCREASES PRICES.

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"Why would any kind of nice person try to pretend that sick people and insurance of last resort could be profitable?"

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Submitted by Alexa on

are pushing now.

Their target date, IIRC, is the 2016 Presidential Election. Could be that the Dem Party Leadership is fearful that there might be an "insurgent" primary candidate.

Who knows? Without a doubt, though, this change would help them beat back one if it should occur.

Al From brags about how the "open primary" system allowed the DLCers to take over the Dem Party, during his most recent C-Span interview. I've still got to clip that almost 50-minute interview--it was a doozy!