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How to wake up Versailles

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One hopes something will wake up our elite policymakers. Maybe a stock market crash would do it. But their track record has not been very impressive, though as we all know, nobody could have predicted...

Money is the only thing Versailles understands.

Move Your Money!!!

Collectively we have enough money to deliver a mighty blow to the TARP babies. It is the financial version of the Montgomery bus boycott.

And when you have closed your account at Wells Fargo, Chase, BofA, or whichever parasite currently has your money, find out where your local government banks. If they bank with a TARP baby, ask them to switch to a community bank. If enough people ask, they might just do it.

This is something no amount of campaign cash, lobbying or bribes can alter. It really is the financial version of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and we really have the collective power to bring them to their knees.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

Hello Bank of Tucson.

After months of hearing this advice from Lambert, we moved our money...and have never been happier.

It felt soooo good to tell Chase that the next time we see any Chase officers, we hope/expect to see them in orange prison jumpsuits in a perp walk!

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Submitted by bungalowkitchens on

back in January. I'm very happily ensconced at First Community Bank, headquartered in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately my credit card is still at Chase because I can't afford to pay it off....

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

Go to a local bank, get a credit card, and move your balance by paying off your old card with your new card. It's likely you may get a better interest rate as well.

I chopped up my Chase and BofA cards when the Move Your Money idea first came out. It makes me feel good that I've done my bit, however small.

NB Also, never buy BP gasoline again. While this may be an issue for your local station owner, hopefully he or she will get the message to find a new supplier. Every little bit helps.

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Submitted by Tony Wikrent on

a few months now.

How about a consumer strike (boycott) this holiday season? Is it possible to get enough Americans to refuse to do holiday gift buying this year (or next) that we can push sales for November and December down a few percentage points, and maybe even push a few chains over the edge into bankruptcy?

No gift buying does not mean no gift giving. Give cash. Give something purchased at a craft fair or a local small business. Give a donation to a charity. Give tickets to a local orchestra performance or play. Just boycott the big box retailers and the shopping malls.

Submitted by lambert on

Or a place where knitters, say, could sell their crafts?

I really, really hate the commercialized Xmas. I don't think I'm alone. And a "debt-free Christmas" has a ring to it.