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How to treat the mentally ill: intimidate their therapists, deny care

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Ah, the wondrous Massachusetts health-care system, model for this great nation's "uniquely American" system:

Spiraling medical costs have driven many employers to place new limits on coverage for mental health care, raising concerns that the rules may violate federal regulations intended to make it as easy for patients to see therapists as other doctors.

At issue is the growing practice of requiring therapists to undergo lengthy and repeated phone interviews about their patients’ progress before the insurance company will approve further treatment. According to patients and therapists interviewed by the Globe, the reviews have established tougher criteria for additional visits and have been burdensome and intimidating. That has sometimes led to curtailed treatment and protracted appeals.
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employers to be a jerk, there is no incentive to do the right thing. That is yet another reason we need single payer.

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That's our great achievement, as we take increasing pride in being a Big Daddy nation. Our greatest fear is that some undeserving weakling or furriner will get a crumb of help.