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How to destroy democracy

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What is this really about? Charles Pierce:

Today, someone from the chop shop took to the pages of Tiger Beat On The Potomac to make the case that, because politics are icky and people are mean, what the country needs is a bipartisan figurehead about whom we can all feel nicey-nice.

There is a group of billionaire fascists who are not satisfied with buying our government. They want to destroy the very forms of democracy. So they push Republicans to act crazier and crazier in a way that not only discredits the Republicans, but our entire system of government. That is why they support embarrassments like Christine O'Donnell. That is why they trying to engineer the ultimate sabotage, debt default.

Of course they could never get away with this without the assistance of collaborators like Ezra Klein.

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I read the Ezra Klein piece. How old is he? Old enough to remember Monicagate?

I guess he's channeling Friedman more than ever, but even Friedman would be embarrassed by this.

BTW one of the reasons I like Hillary (despite her corporatist loyalties) is that she knows what the rethuglicans are and on what level one can deal with them.