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How to add artwork to your posts (and comments)

[Continuing to leave this sticky, since having encouraged users to post images, I then accidentally disabled to toolbar that makes part of the demo in the video possible. It is now re-enabled. Oopsie! --lambert]


[Leaving this sticky since I really want to encourage readers to post images, whether of cats, images, or whatever. And especially garden brags! --lambert]

This is the long-threatened-promised video on how to upload art. The artwork you see is the end result of the process shown in the video (at bottom).

Upload art file and insert at blinking cursor ("focus"):


Change size of art with Style dropdown

Transfer art file from remote URL:

Display art stored at remote URL:

Watch the video. Jing only gives 5 minutes of free recording, so I just missed pressing Save....



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Submitted by lambert on

Of course, one can always type in the tags ;-) What I do, I I didn't even flash that it was missing!

* * *

Sorry about that. I came down with a really bad cold, and still not quite tracking properly.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

lambert, sorry about the cold. take care of thyself.

I discovered the toolbar was accessible but only after I clicked out of the little text format drop down list. I had it on HTML (old school), then tested some of the others with no toolbar appearing, BUT when I went back to HTML (old school) the toolbar popped up obediently, above the "body" space.

The adventure made me appreciate corrente and your work all the more! thanks for addressing the issue for me.

best, libby

Submitted by lambert on

That looks really beautiful -- fun and bright to be in.