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How this whole fiscal grift thing will probably pan out

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They're going to vote and sign (?) on New Years Eve, late at night. (Just like the NDAA). It might or might not include:

1) unchaining social security benefits from inflation

2) Medicare cuts to PCP (primary care provider) docs (aka, hurry up and die.)

3) the virtual abolition of Medicaid via more cuts to payments for providers (It's not a rightwing myth that docs will literally go bankrupt seeing some/too many medicaid patients.)

4) cutting unemployment insurance

5) little if any cuts will be made to the MIC or Big Ag.

6) tax hikes on on the 1-2% will happen, but they'll be so small, the superwealthy won't even notice.

7) some members of the congressional progressive caucus will be selected to rage against it, but others will "Stand with the President.".  I bet they're working out who will play what roles right now.



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Do you think I'm likely wrong?

(question asked in actual, honest, humble humility.)

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"Fiscal grift" and "unchaining social security from inflation" are great contrary descriptors.  I hope Corrente can help spread them around.

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Heh. I'd never seen this before, but just a minute ago I was thinking "But how do they profit off the children?" Coz killing mom and dad and grandma is going to leave a lot of homeless, family-less kids.

But the neoliberals have a plan!

Of COURSE foster care can be privatized/profitized.


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-- either intergenerational or limited to vocations exempt from child employment statutes (and helped ever so much along by 'therapeutic' designations for cottage work, should the children in question have emotional problems that need 'therapy'), children will pay their way through the system, either through governmental payments to the foster care company owners, or straight-out indentured servitude.

I'm shocked that no one has proposed setting up for-profit military academies solely housing fostered students. The academies could propose a 'toughlove' environment, precisely timed to national standardized testing guidelines, and dovetail with the ROTC curricula the other national military academies start with. Yes, guards from the private prison industry would need to be retasked -- and the academies necessarily would need good relationships with juvenile prisons, to funnel the sociopaths through more efficiently -- but isn't the middleman of individuals taking care of fostered kids hopelessly inefficient? The state, by prioritizing corporate profit over social work experts, has already decided these kids won't get access to love, so they might as well be useful.

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I have not been getting news from legacy media for awhile but I tuned in recently to see how networks are covering The Big Grift.  It is rare that one hears the words 'Medicare', 'Medicaid' or 'Social Security'.  At this point, I'm wondering if the public will ever know what hit it.  I mean, that is until their relatives get kicked out of the nursing home.


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He basically said the same thing last year before the election - said his policies were the same as George HW Bush in 1992, if I recall correctly.  

In some respects, Obama is the most honest politician left in the Democratic party.  Certainly more honest than Joe "Flat-Guarantee" Biden and Nancy "I call that Strengthening" Pelosi.

Of course, I would call the Bushbama policy package "Pinochet neo-liberal" rather than moderate Republican, but that's just semantics.