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How the press helped Bush win election 2000

The Howler's writing a book, and it's filled with horrific detail. Like this one about Joe Lieberman Weekly's owner, Marty Peretz:

Last week, Marty published a post at The Plank called, “OK, I’m a Gore Flack.” But omigod! Seven years after that War on Gore started, this is the sort of thing our major “Gore flacks” still just insist on reciting:

PERETZ (6/28/06): Now, Gore is not all serious. Tonight he'll be on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central at 11 p.m. (Eastern). Tomorrow morning he'll be on ABC's "The View." Anyone who does these rounds is comfortable in his own skin, even if he once took some bad advice to wear "earth tones" from Naomi Wolf. And he is not thrown off by the difficult issues. And he knows what he really cares about, and knows about what he cares about.

Good God! As we have endlessly noted, we know of no evidence that Gore took advice about earth tones from Wolf (links below). The original report—from world-class Gore-trasher Ceci Connolly, in the Washington Post, of course—cited a “speculation” by Dick Morris. In response, Wolf flatly denied the claim—and no one came forward to challenge her statement. The “press corps,” of course, did what it does best; not wanting to credit its pleasing new tale to a “speculation” by the feckless Morris, it began pretending—completely falsely—that the claim about Wolf and the tones had been reported by Time. In fact, Time had written a long report about Wolf’s role in the Gore campaign—and hadn’t said a word about earth tones. But so what? Fatuous scribes had a new tale, one they loved—and they were willing to spin you blue to promote it. And omigod! Seven years later, there is Peretz, still reciting this musty old groaner! Seven years later, our major “Gore flacks” are still reciting the fatuous scripts from that two-year-long War Against Gore.

And the same thing, the same propagation of tired old Republican spin, the same outright lying, is going to happen in 2006, and 2008. It's all straight out of the Republican playbook.

So, it's up to us to disintermediate these guys. Otherwise, the truth will never get out, and we'll never win.

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