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How the NRA killed the debate on gun control

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Good for the NRA, since there is no correlation between gun control and crime.

Idaho 1.3 murders/100,000. Idaho has loose gun laws and everyone is armed to the teeth and has an NRA sticker on their vehicle.

Saskatoon 3.6 murders/100,000. Yet Canada has tough gun laws.

Cuidad Juarez, Mexico 169 murders/100,000 Yet Mexico has tough gun laws.

So what does correlate ? How about economic inequality.

Both Saskatoon and Juarez have crime related to the black market for drugs. Just like the black market for booze caused a lot of violent crime during Prohibition. Maybe we should talk about legalizing drugs ?

Finally, the former slave owning states have higher crime rates, perhaps due to racial tension, or perhaps due to an ongoing culture of violence (the same states also are more likely to spank their kids.)

What is it about liberals that makes them fixate on the inanimate objects used in crime, instead of addressing the root causes ?