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How to support single payer sit-ins

Mobilize for Health Care has three ways to pledge:

I pledge to join over 100 people in nonviolent sit-ins at insurance company offices to end insurance abuse and win health care for all.

I cannot risk arrest, but I pledge to join others in legal protest at insurance company offices in support of sit-ins to end insurance abuse and win health care for all.

I cannot risk arrest, but I will donate money to help those who can pay bail, get civil disobedience training, and expand this important campaign.

This is smart. I can't help but wonder if the tactics were adopted from the Civil Rights movement....

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and maybe if a company can be considered a person, maybe that company can be shamed, but maybe also, it will more intensely shine a very public light on the insurance companies' obscenities. The Hyatt hotels' actions in Boston come to mind as an example, truly a civil rights project.

Here is where that is at currently.

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Keep us posted.

NOTE These are all civil rights issues. They're about how profit is mined from the human body by artificial persons, whether through labor, or illness.