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How to stop the freak show

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Contrary to what Atrios suggests, there is a way to stop the freak show, or at least stop it from mattering.

Tell Capitol Hill to TURN OFF THE TV!. Every office on Capitol Hill has the cable harpies on, which is why they can warp our politics so easily. Moreover, no one else watches the cable harpies, let it be known that Capitol Hill had turned off the freak show and their advertising dollars would dry up. The ratings on these shows are not very good.

Last time I was at the Metro Capitol South stop, it was filled with signs hyping MSNBC. Well, netroots could raise enough money to buy those same signs and tell Capitol Hill to TURN OFF THE TV!. It would do much more good than even more futile primary challenges in the name of more and better Democrats.

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Submitted by scoutt on

I have basically shut down from my normal stimulation over the month. This includes watching tv news.
In just that short amount of time away, it's amazing how completely absurd their presentations now appear to me. Even the News Hour is silly. I used to refute their points or question their chosen topics. Yesterday, I watched blankly and indifferent.
I listened to Charlie Rengel talk about how strong Obama now is after the lame duck session. I was bored and nauseous.
The "D" vs "R"reality" show is so contrived and removed from the world that the rest of the country is living in I do feel the charade is Orwellian. I mean I really feel it now... not just a term to label the skewing of information.
It's all bizarre and scary that meaning is so meaningless.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

then you realize just how much of a freak show it really is. That is why I think we could really shift this country towards reality simply by persuading Capitol Hill to turn off their TVs.

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Submitted by scoutt on

TV news blaring constantly creates the central point of reference for that which we discuss, debate and think about in terms of politics, policies, what's reasonable etc.
They completely mold the debate ... especially when they choose the topics and the sides of the debate of those topics.
They define our choices.
"Tax cuts for the wealthy or no extended unemployment benefits" (and oh, let's not mention the 99ers in the false choice)
Forget about bringing up different topics but when anyone even tries to change the terms of the debate, they are lint on fringe. Dismissed. Yelled over. Laughed at.
Yes. Turn off the freak show.

Submitted by hipparchia on

how much does it cost to buy each sign?
how many signs are there?
do you buy these signs by the day? week? year? month? quarter? hour? minute?

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Submitted by scoutt on

Photobucket" title="NOW!">Turn Off The Freak Show

Submitted by lambert on

Not to kibitz, but I'd change the slogan to "Don't let TV tell you what to think" and put the word 'News' in curly quotes, "News" on the screen.

But this is a great thing, to have posters! Are there more?

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Submitted by scoutt on

I was inspired by the big idea of fighting the source of the disease rather than the symptoms.
So this comp is rev.1.
We need a bigger plan and strategy. Which will lead to better creative executions.
I think it's pretty damn interesting because it changes the game all togeher. I think it could get interest from both "sides" of the political spectrum.

Submitted by lambert on

... but I'm wondering if my "Big ____" formula would work graphically.

Big Media (as above), Big Money (the banksters), Big Food (the food chain), Big Pharma, The Big House (prison industrial complex...), and then the oligarchs who run them, all Mr. Bigs. Not only would that tie a verbal and a graphic formula together (especially of the semiotic??? of "bigness" were consistent creative to creative), it has the great merit of being true. Big Health. Big Bidness generally...

These are all the rent seekers we have to detach from.

Submitted by Fran on

I just happened to catch it on local news because I am in the Phila. area. If I heard it right. I also do not care about professional sports. But they were interviewing people about what they thought about Vick, etc. This is just another example of time spent on useless reporting on a completely unimportant topic. It is all just gossip.

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Submitted by basement angel on

The visceral experience of being a liberal in DC, is of being a despised and mocked minority - even when we have the majority. Because the right dominates our cultural debate, and because individual Democrats have no commitment whatsoever to using their media time to actually educate Americans on the issues, all media is merely the discussion of the legitimacy of right wing policy. That's what it all comes down to.

If I could have anything it would be a news network that had no pundits whatsoever and covered all news stories from the perspective of middle and lower class financial and social health. And instead of hearing from party reps on various issues, we'd hear from actual experts on the issues. So, no Lawrence O'Donnell on climate change, but climatologists instead.

I can see it now:



That's powerful marketing mojo. It could turn the far right/right spectrum of our news on it's head.