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How To Organize a DEMAND MILLIONAIRES' TAX & MILITARY CUTS Pledge from Citizens Drive?


So NY's Speaker of the City Council Christine Quinn was on a local tv interview show last night and she said flatly something about how the citizens of New York state can totally forget a "millionaires' tax" since our new Dem Governor Cuomo won't go near that. So they go on to the next question.

It ENRAGED me the way she dismissed it and the interviewer backed off. No, that won't be a way to go. We must find human service programs to cut and layoffs of workers to be made, because the NY Governor refuses to go near that. We must be resourceful in cutting the budget, she chirped, after dismissing a most logical and just resource.

Howie Hawkins of the Green Party has been repeating NY state has a $9 billion deficit, and there is a modest, when you consider it all, proportional income tax on the rich that will now be SUSPENDED, so that will give the millionaires and billionaires an extra $5 billion a year. But if it alone stayed in place it would reduce the deficit to $4 billion. But, NO, DEMOCRAT Cuomo got elected via his corporate cronies so of course he must take care of them. End of story? WHAT FRIGGIN' NERVE!!!!

And then Obama et al. hatch a military budget for Oct. 2011 of $719 billion. It was $320 billion, iirc, when George W began inspiring our hatred. Are so many Dems still personally enthralled to Obama they won't make a stink about this? TALK ABOUT OVERKILL, literally and figuratively.

If we could have a well deserved millionaire's tax and cut the insane military budget we could begin to reduce the present and ever-worsening suffering of the citizenry.

My question is, finally getting to it, is there a way to push for a tipping point of activism with those who are madder than hell and don't want to take it anymore to STRUCTURE making a pledge to motivate citizen MARATHON calling and emailing and letter writing -- not just a one shot deal?

To offer a pledge for them to sign up and register somewhere, does corrente have the capacity or inclination, or ideas for where it can be done and by whom, to promise in the course of each week, maybe, to leave a message via letter, email, phone call with the Prez, their Congress reps, their mayor's office, their Governor's office, and one or two local state or county representatives not to mention maybe 5 acquaintances of theirs to DEMAND A TAX ON MILLIONAIRES and a DEMAND FOR SIGNIFICANT MILITARY BUDGET CUTS so that the poor, working and middle classes are not footing the bill for the reckless, predatory, casino capitalism of the corporatists and oligarchs, so that the deficit be reduced.

Yes, it is asking for continuous activism but look at what Madison is doing? Can we use that as a launching point to say, "Yes, we will support you, and we will do this from our ends!"

I think having an easily found listing of phone numbers and email addresses would help, and I think if there were a record of how this is going it might reinforce people to keep on calling. And some motivational emailing support.

What do you think, lambert, et al.? Is this doable do you think? Any ideas?

I am asking how to build the snowball to roll it down the steep snowy slope so that it grows big enough to have some avalanche-al force on the gutless and heartless wonders who are doing so little in representing us and our needs on national, state and local levels.

Help. I wrote this as I thought it directly into my blog as first draft. Hoping for some brainstorming. Thanks.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I don't know what to do, but I think the struggle in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana are critical. It is clear evidence that people don't want the public sector desecrated.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

We play into the shock and awe game plan as we get demoralized the more we recognize how disenfranchised we are and our peers. The ever-lowering tide of what used to be the common good for the public trust. The pimping corporations and their pimped representatives and Obama want "learned helplessness" without protest.

Could we structure something that lends support to our putting it on the line local heroes in those states with a cyber national support system of activism? But make it ongoing I wonder where they can write in and say, "I did it again this week!" and there on the internet is my name again. Something like that? Or at least I am in that percentage or number.

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we make a short succinct list of goals/demands.

We can't play defense with these people, and there is no good reason to do so - preserving what, where we all were a week ago?... since even the D's are not representing or even remotely advocating or negotiating on our behalf. As it stands now, best I can tell... the employees in WI lose what, 140 million if they get what they are negotiating for? That is nothing but a win win for both party elites.. and their big funders.

In WI, for example, they should be demanding, chanting, that Gov step down. Maybe they are, i haven't had much time to dig deep this week.

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at one point in the video that rossl posted you can hear the protestors shouting "recall! recall! recall!" in the background.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Watching tonight's NewsHour, the public sector people in Rhode Island are now the enemy of the social services people there, when who is walking away with all the big bucks. Divide and conquer shock and awe agenda. Money for oligarchs, money for oligarchs and let the unions give up their rights as the working and poor classes are pitted against each other for the crumbs left.

I know so many are angry, but what does it take as a tipping point to take action. These Gucci-loafered anointed ones in Congress and the WH know that it takes an awful lot to get to the tipping point for people to actually DO SOMETHING. Even us angry bloggers. To BEGIN to threaten them.

And the Obama "likeability" factor really burns me. The stubborn denial still prevails.

But those of us who are onto the game. Can we ACT in ways that will touch them? What will touch them? And once people take action there is a commitment to further action. But we also need to organize. Can there be an organization even between websites on this kind of action

You are right. It will have to be clear and simple, the goals. Perhaps a simple message of a few sentences written out. And I wish with some reinforcement where people can come back to get more support from a supportive environment.

Submitted by jawbone on

hagiography of Michelle Rhee and noted how effectively they were using divide and conquer.

Almost like a nice polite Republican version of FOX News.... Have they hired Roger Ailes as an adviser?

NewsHour lost my trust completely with their stenography of the Bush/Cheney Iraq Invasion propaganda. And then Lehrer making an on air apology for a guest reporter who'd been in Iraq and told the truth (iirc, it was about contractors making off with much of the rebuilding funds and how angry Iraqis were about that).

From the link which has the details:

Two nights later (3/4/04), Lehrer made an unusual on-air announcement: "An editor's note before we go, for those who were watching two nights ago: A discussion about Iraq ended up not being as balanced as is our standard practice. While unintentional, it was our mistake, and we regret it."

It was not an accusation that the reporter, Christian Parenti, was not accurate, but that the segment became "unbalanced." "Not being as balanced as is our standard practice."

Who can trust what Lehrer allows on this program given what he calls standard practice? Until he's gone, I can't trust what they report. And when he's gone, I'm assuming whoever takes over will be well schooled in "balance."


Submitted by libbyliberal on

I have to listen to NewsHour and when I venture onto MSNBC with a huge grain of salt. But I think we need to stay on top of what is happening, it is just so chilling to witness the disinformation slantings. I make myself listen hard to the corporate sponsors of the NewsHour to remind myself to stay awake. NPR I feel the same way. We need to stay abreast of what is happening but the coverup stuff is profound. And the disinformation that Americans are getting and trusting is enraging. Especially when they announce Obama's poll numbers are up. Am I enraged because I distrust it or because it is true. Not sure.

I can't watch Rachel any more. I did so much to promote her among my network at the beginning. But it is hard to watch her cherrypick what to expose and what to protect. Charlie Rose makes me sick. I caught the Ed Show a few times and appreciated his populist anger. Will check in with him more. And David Gregory???? Might as well be on Fox. My nausea quotient won't let me take in Meet the Press anymore, though Scott Walker will be on this Sunday I see with Larry O'Donnell who also gets me going. Sigh. Propaganda propaganda propaganda.

Thank God for websites I trust to get the real stories.

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Submitted by quixote on

Seems like a good place to start. Just as libby said. Simple, easy to understand, and -- unlike most of those things -- fair.

The Repubs want to go back to the US of their grandparents? Fine. The top rate was around 60% then, not 30% like now. Not that banksters pay that rate. It'd be essential to also give them that flat tax they've been saying they want. People making less than a million, keep the current structure. The marginal rate over that is a flat 60%.

/*Bwahahaha*/ How can something that was the law and taken for granted within living memory sound so ridiculous by now?

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Oh for the Andrew Carnegies who realized their responsibility.

To me now it is an economic GANG RAPE of the citizenry. The oligarchs have captured the power and are merciless and relentless in taking it ALL. Our representatives have no honor. Their job security and power uber alles. It horrifies, the exponentially ego-centric group think within the Beltway Bubble.

Obama like Roosevelt with an executive order could set in motion recovery. Instead, he continues as the inside man for the oligarchs, the Trojan Horse who keeps on taking away from the people. He is shameless.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Mike Gravel claims that if 65 million citizens are on the same page, the power brokers listen, any less, not so much. These two basic issues ... taxing the rich and cutting the military budget, if we could get 65 million banging the drum for those two major changes ... it would turn things around.

If the coalition actually shot for a 65 million figure? I know, what a modest proposal.

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Submitted by twig on

Modeled after UK Uncut, which has been organizing non-violent demonstrations to protest austerity measures for citizens while banks and corporations steal everything that's not nailed down.

The US version is only about two weeks old, but growing like crazy. They're staging protests all across the country this coming Saturday, with one common theme: going after "corporate tax deadbeats," like GE, BofA, Verizon, Hewlett Packard, etc.

The IRS estimates that individuals and corporations currently hold $5 trillion in tax haven countries. Nearly two-thirds of corporations pay no taxes at all, and the great vampire squid, Goldman Sachs, which received $10 billion dollars in taxpayer money during the bailout, negotiated their tax rate down to one percent. The entire tax haven scam costs taxpayers as much as $100 billion per year.

They're focusing on one simple, clear message, like you've been suggesting. But instead of millionaires, it's getting the corporations to pay their share of taxes. Hard to argue with and seems like a good place to start.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I will check into. Appreciate that quote.

Hawkins wants a transaction tax to also raise money. The corporatists are so lost in the contagion of greed. And too many representatives are enabling and into their own opportunism.

Watching the Ed Show. I like his populist voice.