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How Kool Aid is manufactured

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Ryan Lizza's write up of Jim Webb is so bad it is embarrassing.

In his senatorial race, Webb did well not only in northern Virginia, which is filled with Washington commuters and college-educated liberals, but also with rural, working-class white voters in Appalachia.

No. As this map indicates, Webb got clobbered in Appalachia, except a few places were the United Mine Workers were able to pull him across the finish line. Webb was counting on Lizza being willing to take his word for it, and Webb was right. Webb's characterization of his senate record is completely false, but you would have to do actual work to know that, so I don't suppose there is much possibility of anyone calling him on it.

And that is what the entire Presidential election will be, dueling press releases and manufactured controversy.

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Submitted by lambert on

That means Webb is thinking seriously about running; there was a puff piece about him and O'Malley and Sanders in the New Yorker the other day.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

He has no intention of running. He wants to sell books and audition for a show on CNN. The pretence of a presidential candidacy is a way of doing that. In the event he does actually run Hillary will crush him without even trying.

Submitted by lambert on

Because he was an author (and apparently not a bad writer).

No travels to Iowa or New Hampshire? No exploratory committee?

I figured if he was taking the trouble to lie, he would take the trouble to run!