If you have "no place to go," come here!

"How I got kicked out of the 9/11 museum"

"Tissues available." Say, any infomation on Saudi involvement? How about "you've covered your ass"?


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with offensive Tchotchke bazaar for the rubes who pay to get in. Plus a luxe restaurant on the way.

There was an invite-only black-tie affair that was hush-hush, where you had to be a One Percenty Party Boy like Mike Bloomberg (say Mike, aren't you supposed to be in London?) to be let in through the velvet rope. No first responders, no relatives of victims invited. To paraphrase Lambert, when they say it's "for the victims" it's NEVER about the victims (or the first responders). It's another Looting Scheme by and for the Mike Bloombergs of this world.

Today's Looting Class are definitely a crass and philistine bunch. Can't imagine Mike Bloomberg creating something like the Morgan Library, or a first class free engineering and architecture school for working class americans (viz., Cooper Union).